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Dive into 48 hours of coding
to win a week in San Francisco.




Team 2015 – Students :


Team 2015 – Professionals :

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What ?

It’s 500 students, 50 pros from the 5 continents who come together during 48h in order to reduce the carbon footprint of ICT and become the best green IT coder.

What for ?

The Challenge’s goal is promote eco-conception for coders and reveal tomorrows talents those who will make ICT more sustainable.

Why sign up ?

The Green Code Lab will provide a R&D support for the students of the first 3 teams on a project related to eco-conception, which will help them to create a start-up! Beautiful prizes are involved :

First Price : Trip to San Francisco
Second and Third price : 2 cheques of 1000€
Special Enterprise Award

Where ? when ?

The challenge takes place everywhere in the world from the 2 till the 4 December 2015. Each School can be a base camp for the teams and thus become an active participant in the Green Code Lab Challenge.

You ?

Can you write code? No team ? No problem Sign up and we will take care of that .

So how do I win ?

Its easy ! Apply best practices to the problem you will get on the 26 november. The team that best optimised the code wins !


As soon as possible : Twitter or Facebook
21.09.2015 : Sign up opens
30.10.2015 : Registration deadline
24.11.2015 : First topics available
02.12.2015 : Start of the Green Code Lab Challenge

Next steps!



By signing up you to the GCLC you accept the rules and regs. Of the competition. The documentation will give the deadlines the evaluation criteria and all the other good stuff you need.

Read to become the best!


Have fun !

Eco-design software, is new. Your mission in the month before the contest is to make a short video explaining to a general public the impact of the software. you then publish this video on the networks. The most viral video will be rewarded and will bring you points in the final standings.
  • Fun video clips to popularize eco-design software
  • How to technical videos to explain work
  • Bonus points to teams with the best videos.
Sign-up !


What ? ICT is dirty ? No way ! You can’t even touch it ! How can it be dirty ?
FALSE  ! Recent data show that TIC spews out as much pollution as air traffic the term “bloat-ware” is used for software that requires a lot of resources to install and run.

Non stop 48 hours with more than 250 competitors worldwide video conferences and above all a great adventure.
The Green Code Lab Challenge 26/11 through 28/11 48 hours nonstop.
Different cities around the word In France -Nantes Angers will welcome various teams and the professional conference other sites will have gatherings and communicate by video link.
It’s easy. Apply best practices to the problem you will get on the 26/11 the team that best optimised the code wins !

Will you be the winning team ?

Winner team


1st prize: A week in San Francisco for the winning team.

2nd prize: A 1000€ for the second team

3rd prize: A 1000€ for the third team


The Green Code Lab will offer R+D help to the first three teams who want to get an eco-conception projet to market help with the business model, pitches to business angels.

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